Stop Spam with a Surprisingly Simple Email Trick in One Click

Consider this: Every day, 320 billion spam emails are sent, and 94% of malware is delivered via email. Did you know you can stop them with a shockingly simple one-click email trick? In this article, we’ll look at the history of spam, how to deal with it, and a Mozilla add-on that could change the way we deal with unsolicited emails.

Spam’s Brief History

Email spam has been around since 1978 when the first advertisement was sent to a few hundred ARPANET users, a technical precursor to today’s internet. Canter and Siegel’s infamous 1994 green card lottery service marked the beginning of email spam. According to a new Cisco Talos intelligence analysis, 320 billion spam emails are now sent every day, with a significant portion of these containing malware payloads.

Dealing with the Spam Issue

Spam blacklists were used to control spam 20 years ago, but they only worked if the IPs were known and accurate, which wasn’t always the case. This resulted in a large number of false positives. Specialized spam filtering solutions based on sender reputation and keywords quickly emerged, but they still required users to manually classify emails as spam or not. Even with Google’s highly sophisticated and accurate spam filters, 1.5 billion users are inundated with spam emails.

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Mozilla’s One-Click Email Killer

To address this issue, Mozilla recently released Private Relay, a Firefox add-on that allows users to delete unwanted emails with a single click. The concept of email aliases is not new, but the user-friendly interface makes it particularly effective. When you are finished with these email addresses, simply disable or destroy them so that no further emails are received. Private Relay is currently in testing, and 250 million Firefox users will soon be able to sign up.


It’s never too late to start dealing with spam more effectively by using email aliases. Private Relay by Mozilla is the ideal solution, with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to generate unique, random, anonymous email addresses before disabling or destroying them when you’re done. You can eliminate the problem of unwanted, annoying, and potentially dangerous emails with this one-click trick. Keep an eye out for part 2, where we’ll go over the specifics of this add-on and how to get started.

For those who aren’t tech-savvy, Private Relay makes the email alias process simpler and more user-friendly. The add-on functions by generating an alias address from the user’s existing email address and a randomly generated suffix. This allows users to control which emails they receive while also protecting their identity.

The Private Relay add-on isn’t just for Firefox; it’s also compatible with Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. Mozilla also provides a mobile app version of the add-on, allowing users to use its one-click email alias capabilities while on the go. The mobile app also includes features like password protection, two-factor authentication, and remote email deletion.

Users of Private Relay can tailor their email aliases to their specific requirements. They can, for example, create an alias for a specific domain, such as a business website or financial institution. This makes it easier to distinguish between legitimate emails and phishing attempts.

Private Relay, in addition to protecting users’ identities and preventing unwanted emails, assists users in better managing their inboxes. They can use the add-on to see who is sending emails from which addresses, making it easier to identify and respond to messages.

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Another advantage of Private Relay is that it allows users to quickly and easily block unwanted senders. Users can ensure that their email aliases only receive emails from specific domains by creating email aliases for specific purposes such as shopping, booking flights, or ordering food. This way, they can keep unwanted emails out of their main inbox.

Furthermore, Private Relay includes an in-built notification system, so users can be notified when they receive a new email. The notification system also provides information about the sender, such as the type of email and whether it is from a trusted sender or potentially spam. This assists users in deciding whether or not to open the email.

Finally, the temporary email addresses provided by Private Relay provide additional security and privacy. Users can receive emails from these addresses for a set period of time before the address is destroyed. This means that any sensitive information contained in the emails will not be kept in the user’s inbox for a long time.

The benefits of using the Private Relay one-click email trick are obvious. It enables users to better protect their identities and manage their inboxes while also increasing privacy and security. Users can prevent unwanted emails from reaching their main inbox by allowing them to quickly create, manage, and delete email aliases.


Q: What exactly is a Private Relay?

A: Private Relay is a simple Firefox add-on that can block unwanted emails with a single click. Users can also create secure, anonymous, and temporary email aliases.

Q: How does Private Relay function?

A: Private Relay works by generating an alias address based on the user’s existing email address and a randomly generated suffix. This allows users to control which emails they receive while also protecting their identity.

Q: What are the advantages of utilising a Private Relay?

A: The advantages of using Private Relay include improved user identity protection and prevention of unwanted emails, improved inbox management, and increased levels of privacy and security. It also enables users to quickly create, manage, and delete email aliases, ensuring that their primary inbox is not clogged with spam emails.

TL/DR: In this article, we discussed spam and how to deal with it. Mozilla has created a Private Relay add-on that allows you to create, manage, and delete email aliases with a single click. This helps to protect user identities and block unwanted emails while also increasing security and privacy. Users can finally regain control of their inboxes and protect themselves from dangerous and annoying spam emails with Private Relay.